Mascom provides and integrates Electronic Identification solution - Smart EKYC

EKYC stands for Electronic Know Your Customer, which defines an electronic customer. This is a technology solution that simplifies procedures, paperwork, and facilitates customers through electronic identification of customers.



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We are an experienced financial technology solution provider in Vietnam, active in big data management and machine learning development. We are confident in the precision of the market-leading solution with high accuracy and security.
In addition, we are also the leading provider of Mobile money solutions, Payment gateway, Topup and value-added services on mobile phones.



Character Recognition - OCR

AI-based OCR technology reads and extracts information on identity papers, helping to automate the customer filling process – minimizing tasks, providing the intelligent experience for users.

Verification of Personal Information

Automated lookup of customer data provided in large databases to verify the existence of personal identifiers.

Verification - Against Fraud

Check and verify photos in the provided IDs match the user’s identity online with face recognition and face matching based on AI. Verify customer information in the customer database with credit fraud in the past and alert the service provider.

Payment Gateway

Payment gateways are based on new technologies and have connections with telco units, e-wallet providers, and banks. With the aim of supporting product providers such as web/game/app, a quick and easy integrated payment channel.

Mobile Money

VAS Service

Providing products and implementing links with carriers to provide convenient services for mobile users.

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